Cancellation Policy & Risk Waiver

Attendance at LiveXchange Fall Forum is complimentary, and includes access to the event, two nights’ stay at the Hollywood Beach Marriott, all event meals, networking events, and a travel stipend of up to $500 for transportation (includes air and/or ground transportation). Immediately upon acceptance of an application, we will make all of the necessary arrangements to secure the attendees’ participation at LiveXchange Fall Forum. 

Please note that if the approved attendee cancels their registration after October 1, 2024, they will be responsible for a cancellation fee of $750, which will be used to cover the cost of hotel reservations, all meals and networking events.  

All approved applicants are required to submit a credit card authorization form as a credit card hold. Attendees will not be charged if they attend LiveXchange Fall Forum, or if they cancel before the date previously stated

As a capacity-controlled event, the cancellation fee is structured to ensure that registrants are not holding a spot that they do not intend to take. Should the event be cancelled by Group C Media, Inc., parent company of LiveXchange Fall Forum, the credit card will not be charged. 

Invitations are extended to applicants as a representative of their organization. In the event of a cancellation, the attendee may suggest a suitable replacement from their company. However, acceptance of the replacement is at the full discretion of Group C Media. If the approved applicant is no longer employed by the company stated on the application, the invitation to LiveXchange Fall Forum is no longer valid. Please contact Neil Eisenberg at or at 732-559-1254 if you have moved to a new company. If appropriate, we will extend a new invitation to you representing your new company. 

While approved attendees’ participation at LiveXchange Fall Forum is complimentary, they are responsible for all incidental charges including (but not limited to) telephone calls, drinks at the bar, and items from the gift shop. 

Group C Media reserves the right to review and cancel registrations should it be determined that the information provided on the application is not truthful. 

Risk Waiver 

Our LiveXchange Fall Forum participants’ health and well-being is our most important priority. Group C Media, Inc. (the parent company of LiveXchange Fall Forum) will work closely with the Hollywood Beach Marriott, the state of Florida, and our other event partners on developing and implementing health and safety measures, and biosafety best practices. However, since each individual’s health and safety needs and concerns may differ, Group C Media, Inc. strongly recommends that each participant carefully evaluate their personal health needs and concerns before registering for and/or attending the event in-person. Your attendance at LiveXchange Fall Forum is completely voluntary. As such, your attendance at the conference is at your own risk, and you voluntarily assume any and all risks and hazards, including without limitation, personal injury, illness, or otherwise, and hereby release Group C Media, Inc. of any liability related to your attendance. 

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