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Personalized Itinerary

Your itinerary is assembled via our online appointment system. A few weeks before the event, you will select the site selectors you want to meet with in one-on-one meetings. These meetings are scheduled based on the mutual interest of both parties.

Your itinerary will be broken down as follows: 

.fa-secondary{opacity:.4}One-On-One Meetings

These 30-minute meetings are held with site selectors and consultants. On average, you'll participate in 10 prescheduled appointments over the course of the event. 

.fa-secondary{opacity:.4}Mealtime Meetings

Meals are part of the meeting itinerary and Delegates’ table seating will be determined by our matching system and based on preferences. 

.fa-secondary{opacity:.4}Executive Conference Program Sessions 

This unique experience will be supplemented by an all-star list of guest speakers, who will be making presentations and leading discussions on a number of hot-button issues.

.fa-secondary{opacity:.4}Networking Events 

LiveXchange Fall Forum offers multiple networking events where you can unwind and get better acquainted with Delegates and your fellow economic developers.

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