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Business Facilities LiveXchange

Why Sponsor?

As a sponsor, you’ll act as host to all of our attending delegates. Business Facilities LiveXchange is your best opportunity to get directly in front of corporate executives and site selection consultants who are responsible for their organizations’ real estate projects.

The executives you meetare at the highest end of the decision-making team, and work for and with companies across all industry sectors, including:

food products
data centers
Healthcare/Medical Tech
plus many More!
Business Facilities LiveXchange

Delegate Invitation Criteria

As an invitation-only event, the delegates you’ll meet with at LiveXchange are required to complete an application detailing their site selection activity in order to be approved. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure the delegate meets our strict criteria to attend.

New Projects

For Delegates that are currently conducting or about to start a site selection project: 

01. Plan to make the final decision on where to expand/relocate between March 2024 and 2027. 

02. The project will result in at least one of the following over three years:

  • 25 full-time jobs (or equivalent) created or 
  • $1 million in payroll, including health and retirement benefits or 
  • $2 million in capital investment 

Ongoing Site Selectors

For Delegates with ongoing site selection projects: 

01. Must have a proven track record of completed site selection projects for companies in growth industries.

02. Must quantify the average number of projects that are worked on annually, by region.

03. Must quantify the capital investment, payroll, and number of jobs for their most recent project(s) .

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