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LiveXchange Emerging Industries  will present a comprehensive, practical and strategic conference program that helps delegates better plan and manage their companies’ relocation or expansion projects. This unique experience will be supplemented by an all-star list of guest speakers, who will be making presentations and leading discussions on a number of hot-button issues.


Rethinking Global Supply Chains

OCTOBER 5, 2023 | 8:45 am

It's Time to Act. That’s what many companies are feeling now that manufacturing risks and vulnerabilities have been exposed by the pandemic. Parts shipments have been delayed from Asia. Freight rates are volatile. Markets have changed and demand has shifted wildly. The economy is uncertain. Geopolitics are unstable. 

Meanwhile, The CHIPS and Science Act is helping to restore high-tech jobs to the U.S., while the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is playing a part in attracting investments as well. What do we do now with these challenges and opportunities? 

Rosemary Coates, Founder and Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute, will discuss the current state of global manufacturing, the possibility of nearshoring and reshoring, and the rebuilding and resurrection of domestic supply chains. It’s time to rebuild manufacturing in America.

Rosemary Coates

Founder & Executive Director, Reshoring Institute

President, Blue Silk Consulting

general session

Financing For Project Success

OCTOBER 5, 2023 | 12:15 pm

Economic incentives and other financing options including selecting the correct site are a crucial part of a corporate relocation and expansion projects, often serving to push a site selection journey over the finish line. Companies operating in cutting-edge technology sectors, including electric vehicles, semiconductors, and others, may have specific needs and opportunities when it comes to financing. By employing appropriate strategies and financing tools, project teams can build a capital stack to make their project a viable endeavor. 

Olivia S. Byrne


K&L Gates

general session

Understanding Regional Growth and Supply Chain Integration

OCTOBER 5, 2023 | 3:00 pm

The past three years have caused heightened awareness of both economic developers and site selection professionals regarding the planning around supply chains and industrial diversification. New methods for leveraging data to analyze industrial diversification, and best-use cases allow for strategic decision-making that factor in supply chain integration and the local economy. This presentation will provide a practical introduction to techniques employed by economists looking at economic development questions centered around the types of industry to attract to a region, criticality of physical and human infrastructure, and supply chain considerations. A real-world project example will demonstrate some of the methods and tools available to stakeholders.

Derek Cutler

Chief Economist



Site Selection for Emerging Industries

OCTOBER 6, 2023 | 9:00 am

With the proliferation of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles/drones, battery storage, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and other advanced technologies, both site selectors and communities are adapting to new and evolving requirements related to factors including power and water, renewable energy, dark fiber, and workforce. This session will discuss best practices, challenges, and opportunities to successfully support "Economic Development 4.0" investment projects including advanced manufacturing, EV and batteries, chip fabrication facilities, data centers, and vertical/indoor farms.


Mike Grella

CEO & Founder

Grella Partnership Strategies

Carl Nelson

Managing Principal

Infrastructure Ready

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