How Is Your Itinerary Assembled?

A few weeks before the event, you will select the delegates you want to meet with in prescheduled one-on-one meetings, along with the conference sessions that you wish to attend. Meetings are scheduled based on the expressed mutual interest of both delegates and sponsors.

Your itinerary will be broken down as follows:

One-on-One meetings:
These 25-minute meetings are held with our delegates. Sponsors remain in their meeting area for the business hours of the day and delegates circulate to meetings.
Mealtime meetings:
Mealtimes are part of the meeting itinerary and sponsors’ table seating will be determined by our matching system and based on preferences.
Conference sessions:
Sponsors will spend a portion of their time in a variety of keynotes, seminars and workshops.
Ad Hoc Meetings:
Free time at the event is limited. However, some time is available to arrange ad hoc meetings with delegates and speakers, as requested.

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